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Technology Attractions 

for the Sport Entertainment Market

Using the power of sport
to grow your business

XR Sports merges the physical and digital world to create breathtaking attractions that combine the athleticism of traditional sports with thrilling immersive technology and addicting gameplay that will fuel your business profitability and growth.


The ultimate unifer

In an often divided world, sport has the power to bind people together transforming lives and communities. XR Sports brings the love of the game to family entertainment centers, trampoline parks, sports training facilities, retail and brand experiences, hotels, schools, and any business looking to capture the hearts of their customer through sport.


Step 1

Fill out an inquiry form to share your business objectives and for us to learn more about your facility. Tell us about your goals and how we can help your facility thrive.

step 2

Our team will send a link to schedule a discovery call to dive deeper into your business needs. We will discuss how your facility could uniquely benefit from XR solutions.

Step 3

Now the real fun! From ideation to design and construction, our team will work with you to create and implement your new attraction.

How to get started

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