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In a digital world, get them off the screen and into the playground

Gamified Fitness and Play

Keep Away

Traditional tag with a tech angle. "It" is transferred from wearable to wearable as players RFID tag their friends.

Humans vs Zombies

Wearable ZTaggers will slowly switch players to the  Zombie team as the Zombies convert more and more of their fellow humans.

ZTag League

Pass a virtual ball around the arena and score goals by RFID tagging the ZStation Goals. Zues Command center keeps track against other ZTag teams around the world.

ZTAG Wearable Gaming Device

ZTAG Wearable Gaming Device

Play Video

How it works

No guns or vests, just a wearable tagger.

Players tag each other just by getting close!

Great for:

  • Schools

  • Family Reunions

  • Birthday Parties

  • Local Parks

  • Fairs

  • Team Building

  • Mazes

  • And Infinite More!


Technology Outside

ZTAG gives adaptability for playing in spaces big and small. Players can be indoors on a rainy day or enjoy the sunshine outdoors.

The minimum space required is only 2,000 sq ft.


Real Life Video Game

The ZTAG system has 3 components: taggers worn by each player, environmental devices for game objectives, and a mission control computer to manage the interactions. The game size can be a small backyard free-for-all to a city-wide scavenger hunt.

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