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Activity and fun like never before

Turn any wall into your interactive sports and gaming arena. LYMB.iO is a mixed reality engine that brings together real physical activity and digital gaming on a big screen. Our proven technologies are used by our global clients and partner, e.g. Decathlon.

Gamified Fitness and Play

30+ Games

The Lymbio has a wide range of sports apps for any skill level for max entertainment and fitness. They are  pre-installed on your device. New games are developed and released continuously.

Projector + System

Turn any wall into a giant interactive sport and fitness experience. Simply mount Lymbio and point your projector at the wall.

Simple 3-step Setup

1. Attach Lymbio to Wall

2. Connect projector  HDMI

3. Adjust scalable screen size

LYMB.iO - Sports & Fitness Gaming Console

LYMB.iO - Sports & Fitness Gaming Console


Product Break Down

The brilliance of the Lymbio system is it's symplicity. 


Touch Capability

Train and improve cognitive skills such as reaction time and speed of action. You can also play all “ball games” with your hands.


Motion Tracking

Your body is the controller. Play games just by moving your body. The sensor system also helps you to perform your fitness workout or yoga session correctly.

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